Recovery Room

  • Posted August 8, 2016
Recovery Room - This company offers therapeutic advantages of exclusive treatments. Located at 279 S. McGregor Ave. in Mobile, AL you can think of this as a spa for your blood. Each treatment is carefully selected based on the resident RN and yourself. Treatments are approximately 1 hour depending on what your treatment is and is delivered via intravenously. Check them out at or give them a call 888-597-DRIP.
Jason Ryan - contractor with Gulf Concrete of Pensacola, FL installing this corporate logo via the Flattoo System - an system offered exclusively
by Surface Gel Tek. The installed logo matches the company's trademarked logo perfectly.
Owner of Gulf Coast Bomanite - Ralph Christman commissioned Surface Gel Tek to create and install Recovery Room's trademarked logo.

Gulf Coast Bomanite specializes in Polished Concrete Floors - an extremely durable and cost effective decorative concrete treatment. In this picture Ralph is applying the final treatment called the Guard which will give both the floor and the logo longevity.

Surface Gel Tek has worked with Bomanite contractors for over 15 years. I originally met Chris while he was working with Bomanite of New Orleans so our working relationship goes back many years. We are very fortunate to work with Chris and Gulf Coast Bomanite.

For more information on Gulf Coast Bomanite - call the owner Ralph Christman (Chris) at 504-234-6642.
Up close shot of the Polished Concrete floor with the trademarked logo for
Recovery Room. As you can see the exposed aggregate adds a decorative
touch to the floor making it unique as well as durable.

This logo is etched into the concrete then colored in using acetone dyes to perfectly match the owners logo.

Install date July 30th, 2016.

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