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Surface Gel Tek’s gelled products are patented with quality control as our top priority. Our products are used in concrete surface preparation, cleaning, increasing slip resistance, remediation, renovation, and decorative etching industries.
Surface Gel Tek serves a variety of customers in many industries through distribution channels and through contractors, architects, and engineers.
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What is Gelled Acid?

For etching concrete, gelled acid is quite simply, acid contained in a gel as compared to liquid acid. The main benefit of etching concrete with our gelled acids is control. In etching concrete, gelled acid only goes where you apply it. You do not dilute it like liquid acid.
We have 4 products for etching and cleaning concrete: HD 24 Pre Grind (24% acid)
Tek Gel™ for Profiling (20% acid)
Easy Etch (16% acid)

For example: the etching result from HD 24 Pre Grind is a floor profile similar to 100-80 grit sandpaper.
Our gelled acids have been used on Wal-Mart distribution centers, Harborview Marina in Baltimore, MD, Anderson Abrusso's Hot Air Balloon Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico, UCLA, Cal Poly, University of Washington, Gap Stores and many more nationwide!

All of Surface Gel Tek’s products are Environmentally Responsible and in compliance with the LEED® Green Building Rating System.
1. They neutralize with water
2. They contain no VOCs
3. Generate no silica dust or noise pollution
4. They are flushable to sewer (MSDS Section VII)

Surface Prep

Understand Surface Gel Tek’s gelled acid products are not your grandfather’s liquid acid. Our formulation makes acids safer for the environment and the end user. The gel formula reduces fuming and keeps the acid on the surface, unlike liquid acid that penetrates into the substrate causing additional problems such as spalling and soft spots. Our products will remove rust, mold, mildew, efflorescence, calcium build up, grease, oils, and toxic materials (i.e. PCBs, blood, animal/human waste, etc.). They also profile or open up the surface and increase slip resistance. Concrete products rely on proper surface preparation. That’s where our gelled acid products fit into your projects. At an average cost of .22 cents per sq. ft. Surface Gel Tek has made surface preparation both cost effective and environmentally kind. In addition, no expensive equipment or special training is required. If you can operate a roller and a garden hose, you can use our products.

Our Products

Our team shares a commitment to Planet Earth. Surface Gel Tek’s products contain no VOC’s, neutralize with water, generate no silica dust or noise pollution, and are flushable to sewer. Surface Gel Tek proudly manufactures gelled products that are cost effective and assures control and uniformity. Our gelled acids make surface prep easy, eliminating failures and warranty issues.

Environmentally safe
Extremely easy and ready to use
(do not dilute)
Neutralizes with water
Flushable to sewer
No special equipment

Can be used indoor and outdoor
Ideal for large or small jobs
Effective on old or new concrete
Works on horizontal, vertical,
and inverted surfaces

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