Surface Gel Tek's gelled acid products make surface preparation easy, eliminating failures and warranty issues.

The "Mule" will thicken both acid stains and water based stains. When color placement control is necessary, the "Mule" is your product, even on vertical surfaces.

Tek Gel 1 Gallon
1. When a 120 sandpaper grit opening or profile is required, this is the profile most manufacturers of coatings, sealers and paints require in order for them to stand behind the warranty of their products.
2. When the secondary colorant is NOT acid stain, we have many contractors use TGP and still get fantastic acid stain to uniformly burn in. However, unless you're a seasoned applicator, you may be playing with fire. TGP is designed to be aggressive on top laitance.

HD24 1 Gallon
This product is used for etching concrete:
1. When a very aggressive opening is needed, HD24 Pre Grind will give you approximately 100-80 sandpaper grit opening
2. As a "Pre Grind" for polished concrete floors.
3. When you need to remove contaminants such as grease and oil, mold and mildew, etc.
4. HD24 Pre Grind is designed to be aggressive on top laitance.

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