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Workshop Schedule

We just moved from Phoenix, AZ to Pensacola, FL and it's taking us a little time to get everything unpacked and organized.
We thought we could do this faster, but after 60 you move slower.... APPARENTLY!!!

Contact Info:

10137 Huntsman Path Pensacola, FL 32514
[email protected]
[email protected]

Overview of In-House Training

Typical classes are 8 hours - Starting at 8:00 a.m. and lunch is included. Cost: $400 per person (second + attendee from same company: $300 per person). Classes are limited to 6-8 people to guarantee hands-on learning.

Workshop overview:

Surface preparation and acid staining, working with Flattoos (vinyl adhesive templates), corporate trademarks and logos, and decorative medallions, working with various colorants, acrylics, water based, alcohol/acetone dyes.
Products used:
Stain Mule Color Thickener
Gelled Acid: Easy Etch 16, Tek Gel for Profiling, and HD24 Pre Grind

The Flattoo System is the easiest system to use guaranteeing precision images and color placement.

What is the Flattoo System and why should you learn it?

The Flattoo Sytem includes Surface Gel Tek's patented gelled acids, Stain Mule color thickener, Flattoo adhesive vinyl templates and all the tricks we've learned in over 20 years.


Allow us to share valuable techniques we've developed. SGT's products and techniques takes the FEAR OF ART completely out of the equation. Many contractors that we've trained have discovered - by adding corporate logos, trademarks, and decorative images to their talents gives them the upper hand on "getting the award" and adding to their bottom line.

Call Surface Gel Tek to schedule your Flattoo Training at 850-332-6150.  We're putting one more tool in your tool box!

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